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The Hot Mammas


A Smokin' Hot Christmas

This charming and musical Christmas CD features great vocals and superb players. All the Christmas classics are covered and it makes for the perfect backdrop for Holiday festivities.

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The Hot Mammas have brought together a diverse group of tunes in their newest CD Hot Mammas, Yeah. It is music they love singing and that comes through with gusto. The solid harmonies from these seasoned performers creates a congruity that happens with maturity and affinity.

The band adds extra appeal from the smooth sounds of Charlie Hase’s pedal steel to the bongo percussion from Buff Allen. Miles Black adds his signature expertise on piano, horns and more. Black also produced the album.

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Album - The Hot Mammas

The Hot Mammas sing songs they love; and those tunes can go back to The Boswell Sisters in the roaring 20’s. We love harmony and that’s what you’ll hear on this ultra-cool Hot Mammas CD!

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Downtown Julie Brown

(Downtown) JULIE BROWN was born in Montreal. Julie’s first TV singing appearance at age 11 on a kids show called “Small Fry Frolics”, inspired her to continue performing.

Those future performances included a 21 yr. career as a radio broadcaster, singer, and actress in Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, where she currently lives with husband, Tom, and son, Jared.

She has interviewed such luminaries as Leonard Cohen, Bob Hope, Anne Murray, the Bare Naked Ladies, Gene Hackman, Johnny Depp, and many more.

Born in Arkansas, MARY ELLA YOUNG comes from a musical theatre background. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Stephens College, and has worked as a professional actress and singer in the United States, Canada, and Europe, performing in various musicals, films, and TV productions.’Marian, the Librarian’ in Music Man, is still one of her favourite roles.

The very diverse and talented Mary Ella lived and worked as an actress in L.A. for twelve years before heading to Vancouver where she is Mom to a 13 and 9 year old.

GEORGINA ARNTZEN hails from Regina, Saskatchewan. Performing in venues throughout North America, including New York City and Las Vegas.

With numerous TV appearances on CBC, CTV and a national H.B.O. Special, Georgina also cuts a mean “Klondike Kate” in Western Canada. In 1993, she toured with the Canadian Armed Forces to Asia.

Miz Arntzen and her remarkably talented family reside in Vancouver.




The Hot Mammas are available for private parties and corporate functions! For booking inquiries call: 778-222-1984 or use the form provided here.

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