The Hot Mammas preform with David Storey

David Storey performs with the Hot Mama’s at Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver

“Fantastic beautiful vocals from the Mamma’s was like a kick in the pants” says Storey “woke me up and straightened me out”. “Listening to the The Hot Mammas is like hearing Angels sing… at dawn… as the sun is rising… over mountain tops, echoing through the canyons. Beautiful and haunting… And those sequinned tops are very cool as well.”

David Storey, Singer Songwriter, Award winning Director and Producer of Corner Gas The Series, The Movie and The Animated Series
The Hot Mammas are a very entertaining group of singers and musicians. Beautiful voices, with wonderful harmonies combined with talented musicianship. The ladies are always a favourite with our guests.
Curtis, Manager at the Sylvia Hotel

The Hot Mammas have been regularly delighting audiences at The Sylvia for over 10 years. They consistently perform to a standing room only crowd (pre-covid rules) and are a favourite of the staff as well. The Mammas’ energy and impeccable harmonies are just part of what make their performances a success. They bring a well polished and professional show that their audiences respond to with great enthusiasm and joy. The Hot Mammas are one of our most requested groups!

Ryan Holmberg, Food and Beverage Director at the Sylvia Hotel
If you love 3 part harmony that can take you from The Boswell Sisters to the Andrew Sisters and then shoot you squarely into the 60’s with Motown and beyond, then The Hot Mammas is for you!
Martin Hillier, Connoisseur of Jazz, Stylist to the stylish at The Lounge Hair Studio

This seasoned musical trio offers a fusion of great standards with a contemporary vibe. They propel you back to the future!

Arlene Overland, formerly of The Strangers
The Hot Mammas are on fire when they sing their three part harmonies; and when these women get on stage together they evoke good times! This group represents true passion for their art form. One of the highlights of our Guest Artist Series.
Lynn Van Dursen, Artistic Director of the Langham Theatre Concert Series in Kaslo
Classy to the max, harmonies heavenly and memories unforgettable…not to mention sexy and HOT!!
Fred Latremouille, Broadcast legend
Ah, to describe The Hot Mammas, using only the English Language???
The Hot Mammas are a fun-loving, eclectic and energetic trio. It’s been a joy to perform with them over the years!
Mr. Miles Black, Musician Extraordinaire